Improve Large or Prominent Ears with Otoplasty

Otoplasty is a procedure that can be performed on both adults and children as young as four years old to reduce the size of the ears or set prominent ears back closer to the head. At Revesse in the North York, Toronto, and Brampton area, otoplasty, also known as ear surgery, is performed by Dr. Robert Mounsey. Dr. Mounsey performs only facial procedures and has extensive experience with otoplasty and ear reconstruction procedures.

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The Ear Surgery Procedure

Typically, ear surgery takes two to three hours to perform. During otoplasty surgery, Dr. Mounsey makes tiny incisions behind the ears to expose the cartilage. Dr. Mounsey can manipulate the tissue and pin the ears back toward the head through these incisions. He may remove cartilage or simply fold the cartilage back on itself to angle the ears appropriately.

Many ear deformities can be corrected with surgery. To learn more about ear reconstructive procedures, please visit our reconstructive procedures page.

Otoplasty in Children

Otoplasty is frequently performed on children between the ages of four and fourteen who have prominent ears, asymmetric ears, or other aesthetic ear problems, in order to spare them from the teasing and ridicule that can develop into lifelong self-confidence issues. By age four, ears are nearly full-grown and can be surgically altered safely and effectively. If you would like to learn more about otoplasty in children, please contact Revesse, providing ear surgery to patients in North York, Toronto, Brampton, and surrounding areas. Dr. Mounsey is experienced in performing otoplasty on children and has a comforting bedside manner that puts children at ease.

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